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xCore Antivirus for Android

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Protect your Android device from all kinds of malicious software, different viruses, and spyware.

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Software description

xCore will take care of your gadget. It will be protected from all kinds of malicious software, different viruses and spyware. Scanning guarantees quick and profound examination of all archives (sections of memory of your device) and ZIP-archives and files. More than that, you may use quick full or spot check. Additionally, you may activate autoscanning after each reboot of your device. “xCore Antivirus” will help you to get rid of irritating advertisement that may damage your system. Our antivirus will conduct scanning for advertising software and if there are any malicious or virus software you will be notified about that. “xCore” will prevent any damage from unreliable software. The embedded monitor allows to check a memory cards – you may scan it each time when plug it into your device! “xCore Antivirus for Android” has the embedded web-filter providing users with proper protection against websites with malicious or just useless contents! One may set the adjustments for blocking social networks or adult sites. Thus you may isolate the user and the system of the device from malicious contents. Automatic update will be available as well.

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