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Protect your privacy while browsing web.

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Software description

StartPage Private Search brings the anonymity and privacy protections of to Android. StartPage does not collect or share any personal information. StartPage offers you Web search results from Google – the world’s most popular search engine. When you search with StartPage the Web results are generated by Google. This offers you the search results and search features you may have grown accustomed to. On StartPage the privacy of Ixquick is combined with the Web search results from Google. The combination of these two features is what makes StartPage so special. You can continue using the Web results from the world’s most popular search engine but now under the privacy protection of Ixquick, the world’s most private search engine.

A Proxy Service allows users to surf the web with complete privacy. The proxy lets users browse websites safely and anonymously, without passing on any private, personally identifiable information to the websites they view. StartPage supports SSL (HTTPS). The servers have been configured to handle HTTP requests over secure and encrypted Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connections. SSL is an encryption protocol that is available in almost all browsers. It establishes a secure connection between your browser and StartPage’s servers. StartPage uses SSL to hide your search terms from anyone who might be monitoring traffic between your browser and StartPage’s servers. You can activate SSL by using/adding an “s” to “http” in StartPage’s address.

No Threats Detected
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Android 2.1+
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