ScratchPadd for MAC

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A goofy idea organizer and information manager.

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Software description

ScratchPadd is an idea organizer and note-keeper. Under continuous development since 1991.
ScratchPadd organizes your thoughts in Padds full of Pages, easily and quickly searchable.
ScratchPadd is also where I try new things and add interesting utilities that I need, so keep track of it for new things! This version, for example, adds “Where are there….” a feature to find directories holding file types you’re interested in.
But it’s fundamentally an info organizer.
This is a complete re-write, so ScratchPadd is starting with fundementals again, many of the things ScratchPadd did in System 7 don’t make any sense in Mac OS X. But check back often, since I tend to revise ScratchPadd a lot.

No Threats Detected
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