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Do you want to laugh watching funny videos?

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Do you want to laugh watching funny videos? Do you like jokes and pranks?
How can you tell if an Android app is safe?
This app is perfect for you! Pranks and joking funny videos for Whatsapp is a totally free application for Android (+2.3) with which you can not stop laughing with jokes for adult, jokes for kids, pranks and humour everywhere… and at the end always something funny! lol there’s even better moments that prank calling app, joking your friends, prank dial or prankdial can ever give you!!
Without doubt, this is a great collection of funny videos for android! Videos of joking games, prank calling…
It’s free and you can share the videos of pranks, adult jokes, fails of kids, humour for whatsapp, etc.
Furthermore, only with Pranks and joking funny videos app for Whatsapp you can comfortably watch the most shared videos of funny joking games, jokes for adults, most viewed, most recently and even prank calling app videos or prank dial videos!
Some of the most significant features of this application are:
Player for Youtube videos. Easily and comfortable way of watching the best videos. View and enjoy more funny pranks and joking internet videos, with which you can learn some jokes for your kids.
Creation of own videoLists. Add the prank videos that like most to Favorites, hitting the star. Download this app and you will be able to create your own playlists.
side navigation Menu. Enjoy the different categories offered by the side navigation menu.
Share videos! You can share the videos that you like most by different social media/networking like whatsapp or facebook.
App 100% free without any in-app purchase. You don’t have to spend money to laugh and enjoy.
The best humour content for android with updates of content frequently. Jokes, girls video pranks, prankdial videos, etc.
We like to take care of our users, so in this app you will find videos funniest videos for laugh… can select your favourite videos and create one list of the best joking game videos to get the best humour on your mobile! and all for free!
These are not videos of jokes and pranks to download, but of course you can share them!
This app features a variety of prank videos and thats why on this app you will find the most interesting scary moments. Among them we can highlight:
Humour videos of animals, babies, jokes, children, prank calling, baby, jokes for adults and for kids, fails, fear, cats, prankdial and many more! share them on whatsapp!
The humour videos are categorized to make it easier and comfortable to find them. Moreover, as we take care of the user, we provide lists to interact with you. Favourites, Most viewed, your own favourites, etc.
Pranks and joking funny videos is the best choice for having fun with friends and share via Whatsapp.
Only this app offers funny videos of jokes and you will be able to be joking your friends. Humour videos of jokes for adults or animals like cats to get some laughs. The videos are updated often so they are always available to the most recent.
Some categories include:
* The best videos of pranks (joking games, jokes for kids, etc)
* The best of scary humour (killer clown prank and many more)
* Jokes for everyone. The best moments of 2014/2015
* Laughs, scares and fear. Funny videos of horror with humour. The best combination!
* Taking selfies with girls on the neighbourhood. Pranks no always ends as it is suppose to. lol
* The best compilation of humour.
* joke of girl drunks and joking games!
All images of this application and resources are owned or obtained from sources free of CopyRights which allows use and distribute their images.
We do have the permissions to use, distribute and modify those images licensed under Creative commons. The images belong to the user of pixabay: skeeze
All video content are public and are hosted on YouTube. Only is allowed the viewing and sharing of the content, but the app does not allow to download.

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