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Picasso – Mirror Draw! for Android

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Picasso – Mirror Draw! What can you draw using a mirror??

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Mirror, mirror, on my phone, draw me a reflection of my own!Picasso – Mirror Draw! is another one of fantastic Picasso Drawing App series from DPs World!Paint anything you want anywhere on the screen, and Picasso – Mirror Draw! will reflect the exact same drawing on the other half of the screen! Its fun and addicting for kids and adult alike. Draw a butterfly with exactly match wings. Paint an exquisite vase from ancient ruin.Can you think of any other drawing app in which you can draw a perfect snowflake?Draw a line, circle, or just any doodle on the left side, and Picasso Mirror will mimic your drawing on the right side in real time!!! How about you doodle something on the right side, Picasso – Mirror Draw! is smart enough to mimic your doodle on the left side. You can even cross over and see the effects automatically happen on the opposite side!!!You get all of the brush, color, undo tools of regular Picasso – Draw, Paint, Doodle! So you can be as creative as you want.Be careful, you will definitely lose your phone to your kids! They will doodle for hours! Did I mention we still have random and glow options? Use random glow on black background ! This time with mirror! It’s so fun!You can load a picture(or previous drawing), save, and even share by pushing MENU(Facebook, Tweeter, and such program required).Drawing on your phone will never be the same! This is one of the most entertaining drawing apps you will find. Your kids(and you, too!) will be totally hooked, once you experience Picasso – Mirror Draw! Guaranteed.Keyword: Picture, Paint, Drawing Pad, Doodle, Draw, Sketch, Fun, Photo, Sketchbook, Touchpaint, Fingerpaint, Coloring, Color, PaintBrush, Painter, Free Sketch, Photo, Fun, Photography, Sketch Pad, Photo Editing, Neon, Glow, Easy, Masterpiece, Painting, Mirror, Reflection, Kids DrawingContent rating: Everyone

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Android 2.1+
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