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My Work Clock for Android

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Simple punch-in/punch-out clock & widget for tracking the time at work.

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Software description

Simple punch-in/punch-out clock & widget for tracking the time at work.Features (very partial list):* Overtime support* Multiple jobs support* Calendar update [Job Setting] add records to the calendar (it’s recommended to open a separate calendar for ‘My Work Clock’). ONE WAY-SYNC ONLY.* Punch in/out directly from the widget* Quick day, week & month information* Simple reports* Send to mail as CSV* Add/remove/edit records* Multiple overtime and report periods: daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and more.NOTES: * If the widget stops updating: make sure the application appears in your task killer ‘white list’.KW: Work Clock, punch, work schedule, income, work hours, time sheet, work sheet, work recording, time card, punch card, worksheet, time tracker, punch clock, timeclock, worktime, work tracking, time clock.Recent changes:BACKUP YOUR DATA BEFORE UPGRADE.- Removed Ads.- Reduced application size.Content rating: Everyone

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