LogonKey for MAC

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Use any USB drive as a hardware dongle for access to your Mac.

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Software description

LogonKey is worked out to enable easy and fast way to logon to your Mac. LogonKey puts your logon security access into USB token. As soon as you have inserted your USB dongle Mac unlocks automatically. LogonKey releases you from the need to enter password manually everytime you want to enter your computer. LogonKey usage doesn’t require special knowledge in any field and is absolutely available for everyone. By removing USB Key auto-lock considerably simplifies your work with computer and, what is more important, restricts any spy logon attempts.

With LogonKey there is no need to keep in mind strong passwords. Even if you work under the supervision of cameras, it would be impossible to detect your password since you don’t have to enter anything from the keyboard. Some people write passwords down which is quiet risky, others make up simple and easy to guess passwords. The security provided by LogonKey turns your USB stick into a system password manager making logon procedure faster and more reliable.

No Threats Detected
Free to try
Mac / OS X / OS Classic
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