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A new audiobook player written with a focus on ease of use and and a unique interface. Copy your audiobooks to an audiobook folder on your device…

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A new audiobook player written with a focus on ease of use and and a unique interface. Copy your audiobooks to an audiobook folder on your device and they will automatically be imported into the library ready to play. This app does not download books for you. Download book cover art from within the app. Plays *non-drm* mp3, m4a, m4b and ogg files. Library automatically stays in sync with your audiobook folder. play/pause from notification pull-down (Android 4.0+) Sleep timer with some unique options. Back and forward skip swipe gesture controls and slide out navigation button drawer. Position History. Headset insert/removal triggers play and pause (can be turned off in settings) Bluetooth play/pause/skip support. Setup:Add or remove books to your devices audiobook folder using your favorite file explorer and the Listen Audiobook Player’s library will automatically stay updated to reflect all changes as you add or remove books over time. A books audio files should be located in a folder that is named how you wish the book to appear in the library. If you do not have cover art for the book, this can easily be downloaded from within the app. Long press on the background for image options or to download a new background.Playing Book:The main page is the book cover art and a progress bar. Press anywhere on the background image to toggle play and pause. Swipe left or right to small skip forward or back. Open the drawer at the bottom for skip buttons. The progress bar is disabled to prevent accidental skipping. It can be enabled temporarily by a long press. Once enabled you can press and drag to any part of the book.Sleep Settings:Adjustable countdown timer that will beep softly during the last 15 seconds of the countdown. Sounds can be customized by choosing from your devices notify sounds, or add your own sounds to your devices notifications folder.Shake to restart timer any time after first beep or up to 1 min after playback has stopped.Auto Sleep feature lets you define when you normally go to sleep. The sleep timer will automatically start if it is past your bedtime, but not during the day.An always sleep option lets you override this setting so that the timer will always start.Set a pre-defined volume level that will auto set when sleep timer is activated. This helps to prevent blowing out your eardrums at night because you forgot to turn down the volume first. Recommendation: Before installing, create a folder at the root of your storage path named “AudioBooks” or “Audio Books” and place inside it one ore more audiobooks, each audiobook inside it’s own folder. If this is done before installing then it will be auto discovered and you won’t have to manually configure the root audiobook folder.Required Permissions:Needs network and storage permissions in order to download and save book cover art. TAGS: audiobook, audiobooks, audio book, audio books, audiobook player, audiobooks player, folder player, MortPlayer, Smart, Akimbo, AmblingRecent changes:Added play/pause button to pull-down notification (Android 4.0+)Uses Holo theme on Android 3.0+Bug fixesContent rating: Everyone

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