Kvigo iTunes Backup Extractor

Kvigo iTunes Backup Extractor for MAC

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Scan iTunes Backups and extract the useful data and finally write to iOS Devices.

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Software description

Kvigo iTunes Backup Extractor is used to extract and recover the data from the iTunes backup and Import into your iPhone. It can Explore and Restore Contacts,Photos,Videos,Messages, WhatsApp etc. from your iTunes Backup on Mac OsX. Users can be easy to find out the data hidden in very deeply on your Mac without helping, and the iTunes Backup Extractor will authomatically detect the hidden iTunes Backup in your computer.
Most of iOS users like to jailbreak their iOS devices, but It’s worth saying again that one of the most important things is to backup your iOS data to iTunes before attempting to jailbreak devices, when fails, it is easy to extract your iPhone data from your iTunes Backup. Kvigo iTunes Backup Extracter is the best solution to extract data from iTunes Backup. Kvigo iTunes Backup Extractor is the safest and most effective solution, not damaged, not lost, not rewritten and not cover the data on the user’s iOS Devices. If the user wants to retrieve the iPhone’s lost data, and back up to computer before the data loss, then iTunes Backup Extractor will be your best choice.

No Threats Detected
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Mac / OS X / OS Classic
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