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Refine your search by grouping result based on meaning.

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Search engines can’t group results based on meaning, but iMetaSearch can. iMetaSearch groups search results by concept; click the groups that interest you and the search results will be revised accordingly. This is a powerful way to refine searches. Searches can be exported to Excel for analysis, tracked over time, and refined easily. An expandable, sortable index is created that suggests additional words and phrases for further searches. Using the Pro version, results can be gathered from web pages, blogs, books, papers, news, etc. depending on which search engines you choose to include. Benefits and features include: 1) Get Better Results with Many Engines–if you use only one search engine, you may miss important results in your search. 2) Save Time through Smarter Exploration – iMetaSearch uses a cutting edge technology called Latent Semantic Analysis to group related results together and link up related topics, results and words. 3) Find People and Websites – filter the index words for people or websites or any text string. 4) Zoom In/Out on Topics and Words – use the topic and word sliders to zoom out and see the major topics and most common words, or zoom in and see the details. 5) Export Searches for Analysis – export search results or index words for further analysis. 6) Quickly Explore Related Area – use one click follow-up searches on any index word or phrase. 7) Track Changes in any Search – use one click to update any search and check for new results. iMetaSearch is designed for quick, interactive search and exploration of results. It is the first search tool to bring the benefits of using many search engines together with a powerful exploration interface based on Latent Semantic Analysis. Try it free at and upgrade to Pro version at any time.

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