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ALL THE COLORS OF SPRAY IN YOUR HANDS!Manage your colors of spray! It’s easy and fast. Use all major brands of spray paint in the world along with…

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ALL THE COLORS OF SPRAY IN YOUR HANDS!Manage your colors of spray! It’s easy and fast. Use all major brands of spray paint in the world along with a system of new layers. Share with your friends ideas and colors.You can add your own sketch!Graff Crew is a Mobile Application, compatible with most of the mobile devices on the market, created for and by graffiti writers, to manage colours, brands, and spray models that will be used on a graffiti before it is carried through. It has a predefined layers system with which we can fastly preview colour combinations painted in layers on the model graffiti. To do that, predifined style templates and real colour charts are used. Another option is to use the blank canvas or loading your own graffiti. Once the design is finished you will be able to share by email or through social networks.WHAT ARE THE POSSIBILITIES OFFERES BY GRAFF CREW APP? Colour test. Try all the different brands and colours in a fast and creative way. Share sketches with your friends. Send them colour suggestions when painting collective murals, together with a detailed list of brands and colours. Get paint shipments ready and check availability. Send your day to day paint shop a colour list to make the proccedure faster and easier. Draw freely thanks to the blank canvas, try all the different posibilities. Load your files. Use your own sketches and give them colour. Take and load your pictures. Paint on them, use them as the background of a graffiti, etc. Make the most of your supplies. Check the spray cans that you have at home, select them on GRAFF CREW and try all the possible different colour combinations. Have fun and enjoy with GRAFF CREW, spend hours giving colour and creating new shapes.PAINT BRANDS AVAILABLE: Montana Colors. Molotow. Montana Cans. Ironlak.PARTNERSHIP: Sen2. South Bronx,NY, USA Yubia. Bilbao, Spain Nemo One. Sarajevo,Bosnia-Herzegovina KidCrow. Nrnberg, Germany Sobekcis. Belgrade, Serbia. Zeus 40. Napoles, Italy Riot 1394. Berln, Germany Miedo 12. Valencia, SpainGraff Crew is a tool for the mind, it boosts creativity and makes easier communication between graffiti writers.www.graffcrew.comFOLLOW US:Facebook:—If you have any question, are interested in working with us, need a developer, an App or any other idea, contact us without any
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