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Easy Web Keyboard HDThis is the most complete web browser available in the store! Main Features:Simply swipe between the letters without lifting…

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Easy Web Keyboard HDThis is the most complete web browser available in the store! Main Features:Simply swipe between the letters without lifting your finger. When you get used to it you will see that you type faster than before!Main Features:- Enhanced Touch Keyboard- Regular Keyboard included (Button on/off)- Basic functions such us copy/paste are enabled.- Very fast text recognition.- Supports WEB only, if you need email and texting please download our other application called “Easy Touch Keyboard”.Additional Features: Double tap in the Web View with 3 fingers to enable/disable FULL screen mode Landscape and portrait views are supported. Multi-browser with “tabs” capabilities. (To scroll tabs please swipe the tab bar) New Graphic design (B&W DESIGN) by Daniello Lipelle Multi tabs, many browsers at the same time Add/remove bookmarks Save screenshots of your browser URL Exporting capabilities copy/paste fully enabled. Email URL by just tapping on an icon. Option to change font size Rendering: the option to change the way you see the page. You can choose to see the desktop version of a mobile website, or a mobile site when you are looking at the desktop version. Set/Disable Private mode: You can elect if you want cookies to be erased or not after exiting the browser Lock/Unlock website, you can setup a password for loading specific websites FIND TEXT in page Unfiltered search engine. And MANY more features! Details: Did you ever have the problem that you were searching for something in the web and you found the site but you could not find exactly the place where its “talking” about what you were looking for? well… here’s finally the solution! This application will HIGHLIGHT in YELLOW the specific words that you are looking for in a webpage, where they appear. (please see screenshots to understand the concept better) BONUS: NO TRAIL BROWSING! Our web browser will browse any page without leaving a history. With this application you do not need to clear your history; no more auto-completion of undesired urls, and privacy so you can share your device! Thats not all: Your homepage runs an unfiltered search engine! You will be able to see some results that normally do not appear in regular search engines. Just imagine all the possible uses of this application… Additionally to the great features of our original application, we have now added the SCREENSHOTS feature. No other application out there will give you the option to take screenshots of your web browser! Finally you can enjoy the privacy of web browsing at your finger tips, and keep the best of it for yourself! If you need assistance please contact us [email protected] We will be adding additional apps soon! Enjoy!
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