Colic Baby Sleep Sounds 2017

Colic Baby Sleep Sounds 2017 for Android

Free English Version: 1.1.0

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Colic is designed to lift your baby’s crying and sleep (also Adults) problem.

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Software description

Designed for colic babies, it is a tried-and-tested application featuring comforting sounds in HD Quality. These relaxing sounds are also effective not only for babies, but also for adults who are having sleep problems. While sound is playing. 15 minutes. 30 minutes. 1 hour. Endless minutes options are available. You can also optimize the charging of your device and listen to the sounds while the keys are locked. Baby sleeping sounds will reduce your baby’s sleeping and crying problem. Sounds. Hair Dryer HD Sounds. HD Sea waves. Washing Machine HD Sounds. Vacuum HD Sounds. Ocean Waves HD Sounds. Rain HD Sounds. Heart HD Sounds. Fetus HD Sounds. Heart HD Sounds. Nature HD Sounds. Car HD Sounds. Train HD Sounds. Supported Languages. English. Turkish. German. Arabic. French. Chinese. Russian. Upgrade to PRO version for ad-free version Why is my baby crying? Your baby is fed, has a clean nappy, no issues with colic, you were playing with your baby but still it is crying? The baby is probably too tired, but at the same time unable to fall asleep by itself. This is a common situation of newborns and a situation when Sleep Baby Instant can help the most. Colic baby, Baby sleep, Baby sleep sounds, Baby sleep instant, White noise, soundsSweet Dreams to Babies.

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Android 2.1+
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