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Fill out web content forms automatically.

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Software description

ClipToCMS is free software that helps fill out web content forms for you; making it as easy as highlighting some text and pressing a button.
It works like this: An original document is placed alongside a web browser-with field commands in the center. The user highlights text for a field-pushes a button and the selected text is automatically inserted into the proper web entry field.

Setup is easy too: Enter the URL of the CMS input page-press Identify and ClipToCMS searches for input fields inside the web form. It adds a unique identifier to each field which then can be matched to a list of command buttons. Setup can hold many different configurations and web addresses.
ClipToCMS recognizes most web form entry fields-including many editors such as TinyMCE and CKEditor. It supports plain text fields for all users and font-formatted fields if Microsoft Word is installed on the system. A user-only version is available-so that configuration setups can be shared within an organization. It reads all .doc-.docx-.txt-.rtf and most PDF files.
ClipToCMS is a handy utility that will speed up entering information into the web. It runs on all versions of Windows and is distributed free of charge-supported by contributions. Microsoft Word is recommended-but not required. Customized versions can be developed to fit your exact needs.

No Threats Detected
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