clan tribe war

clan tribe war for Android

Free English Version: 8.0.0

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Clan tribe war is popular and famous epochal strategy game.

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Software description

clan tribe war is popular and famous epochal strategy game. establish a impenetrable village and defaet the enemy’s tribe clan. training your troops and fighting with other tribes clan! Player needs to gradually establish their own powerful clan, but also orchestrated formations, in order to achieve a clan tribal war victory. command an invincible army composed by archer, warrior, saiyan, magician, jinn, mage, ninja, cavalryman and therapist. Download and join clan tribe clash, train your troops, build your town, fight with thousands of players around the world! build your tribe clan supremacy over all other players!

an addictive game
free to play epic strategy.
100 stages and 20 kind of warrior
training and upgrade your clan tribe army troops
click and tap to cast powerful spells
thrilling, amazing, realistic war, fast-paced battle

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17.86 MB
Android 2.1+
Deskify - Play Candy Crush Saga

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