cFos Personal Net

cFos Personal Net for Windows

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Turn your PC into HTTP server intended for personal and professional use.

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Software description

cFos Personal Net (PNet) is a full-featured HTTP server intended for personal and professional use. For personal use-instead of hosting websites with a webhoster-you just run it on your Windows machine. For professional use-you rent a virtual windows PC or dedicated PC from a webhoster and run it there. By using cFos PNet-you configure your web presence in your familiar windows environment. In addition-client and server side scripting use the same language: Javascript. cFos PNet allows easy sharing-downloading and uploading files with further configuration. Simply copy the files into the public folder and everyone can download them using a normal web browser. cFos PNet also comes with scripts to configure user account. This allows you to give others upload access to your machine. To upload files only a web browser is needed. If you want to customize cFos PNet-you can use Apache-like .htaccess files and Javascript. cFos PNet comes with the powerful functionality of professional web servers.

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