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If you make tournament this App is must have. Make it simple and easy.

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Software description

If you want to make some tournament with your friend this is application for you. Create and manage your own tournaments.It’s so simple, fast and easy. 1. Simple designWe want to make very simple, clean and user friendly application. Everything is so obvious that you don’t even have to read tutorial. 2. RandomizationWhen you add players just create tournament and our application will random create a bracket.3. Lot’s of players (3-32 players)You don’t have to worry how many people will take a part in your tournament. Simple add them and our application will do the rest.4.Give it nameWhen you add player he get PlayerX (X is number) name. To give it real name just click on button and type a new name.5. Empty slotIf number of players isn’t a power of 2 we will automatically create some “BYE” bracket. This is empty slot and player who are in pair with this bracket will automatically be the winner.6. Next round If a player win a round just click on his name. He is ready to go for next round elimination.This type of tournament have lots of name (depend of location) such as:-Single-elimination tournament-Olympic system tournament-Knockout (or knock-out) tournament-Single penetration-Sudden death tournament -Elimination tournamentContent rating: Everyone

No Threats Detected
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Android 2.1+
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