Bottle Shooter

Bottle Shooter for Android

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Play a new bottle shooting game.

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Software description

Bottle Shooter game is a new bottle shooting game. Every level has its difficulty, than the last but you have to beat target score to play harder or gain more points. In this Bottle shooting or bottle smasher also has bonus level you can break the bottle without obstacle such as bombs and shields. You have to throw the stone by swipe your finger to break bottles. In bottle shooter game you will find stunning graphics and awesome 3d effects. During game play you will feel real bottle breaking animation and the sound of the bottle cracking surely make enormous fun in bottle shoot. Bottle shooter is really addictive game to play effects of scores and bottles animation will surely attract you to play this game till hours. Physics engine used to make game realistic and this will give you real touch of bottle hitting. FEATURES:- Smooth game control The 3D effects in the game are very cool! Different and realistic bottles Difficulty of levels challenging to you Realistic sound of broken glass Global leader board Physics based Earn more score, submit score and challenge to your friends to chase.

No Threats Detected
Android 2.1+
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