Belvedere Solitaire

Belvedere Solitaire for Windows

Free English Version: 1.0.2

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Play this enthralling card game similar to La Belle Lucie.

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Software description

Belvedere is a solitaire game similar to La Belle Lucie-but it has a higher winning rate as it allows players to build the foundations and tableau piles regardless of suits. Your goal is to move all cards to the foundations-building up from A to K regardless of suits. When the game starts-4 foundations are located at the top of the screen. An Ace card will be dealt to the leftmost foundation-while the other foundations will be left empty. 8 tableau piles are located below the foundations-and each pile will be dealt 3 face-up cards. 3 reserve piles are located below the tableau piles-and each pile will be dealt 1 face-up card. The remaining cards will be placed face-down to the stock pile on the left of the reserve piles. Cards on the tableau piles are to be built down regardless of suits-and each time you can move the top card on a tableau pile or a reserve pile to a tableau pile or the foundation. When a tableau pile becomes empty-it cannot be filled. If no moves can be made-you can click the stock pile to deal a new card to the top of each reserve pile. But if the stock pile is used up and you cannot make any moves-you lose. Play with family and friends to see if you can be the quickest to achieve the goal!

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