Basic Activity Log

Basic Activity Log for Windows

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Log the activity of the user to a CSV file or SQL database silently.

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Software description

When you run it-no windows or menu will open at all (You can see it running in the task manager). It’s designed to be a stealthy application to track users and what software they use-for how long or even Internet sites they browse. It’s a program I developed myself that we use on our own network of around 100 PC’s. As an example of what’s possible with this software-I have all 100 PC’s logs combined automatically each night and reports run on the data. I can then see breakdowns of what software is used by which PC’s for how long (Great for licensing). Also I know which PC’s are used more than others – something we rely on when it comes to upgrading PC’s. As a side effect of the above-it’s also possible to see if someone is ‘misusing’ a PC – Those window titles carry a fair amount of information! What you do with the data you collect from your PC’s is entirely up to you.

No Threats Detected
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