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Avast Secure Browser for Windows

Free English Version: 74.0.1376.132

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Surf the Internet with a free private-protected-and powerful browser.

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Software description

Avast Secure Browser is a special web browser designed from the ground up by cybersecurity and privacy professionals with your privacy and security in mind.

Whenever you bank or shop online-we trigger Bank Mode-a secure separate window that ensures no one can see or steal your data: even if you have spyware installed on your computer. Anti-Fingerprinting masks unique identifiers so no one can pick you out of a crowd-Hack Check gives you an easy way to make sure your passwords haven’t been leaked-and Extension Guard ensures you never download a scamming or outright malicious web extension.
It even runs better than other browsers: Avast Secure Browser can load pages up to four times as fast thanks to our built-in ad blocker-which disables many of the ads and flash content that would slow you down-as well as protecting you from any malware they might contain.
So no matter what you do online-make sure you do it safely-quickly-and privately with Avast Secure Browser.

No Threats Detected
Avast Software
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Windows 10|Windows 7|Windows 8|Windows 8.1|Windows XP
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