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If you have acquired software or any kind of download documents online, you would probably have sent a zip file with their products.

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If you have acquired software or any kind of download documents online, you would probably have sent a zip file with their products. There are many utilities that allow you to uncompress a file or compress a file. The most common compression programs are winzip,winrar,zip file reader, win rar file extractor, winzip rar for android free, rar for android, rar zip file extractor, zip and rar extractor for android, rar extractor, winzip for android free, winzip rar archiver, zip file reader and viewer, 7z file extractor, 7zip plugin,tar.There are many reasons why you can compress and / or archive data as if to create backups that take less space or you can back up your computer files on the Internet or a usb stick for use at another location. They can also be used as backup and protection for files, send someone, or just keep them clean and tidy files on your computer, so you need to file. Other utilities files can easily have different zip or unpack your compressed files process. They are very easy to use, and they all use the same way. If you want other software, make sure that it contains fast zip, archive, the same password encryption unzipping. It should also provide and extract files.

ZIP traditional format is popular, but not necessarily the best. The free Open 7z utility has developed its own code 7Z much higher (7 ZIP) format. While 7z is new to the market, gaining popularity thanks to its simple user interface, improved security and efficient functionality is slowly gaining.7z is much more efficient than traditional ZIP format. I conducted a small experiment that can be easily replicated to verify my statement. In my experience, I have the file originally 65 MB; Microsoft Office files, and also a set of ZIP files. First I compress the traditional Windows Explorer ZIP format. The file was compressed and its size was reduced to 8881 KB. I can use 7z to compress the same file and compress it to 6036 KB. This is a difference of about 3 MB greater than 25%. This difference is phenomenal and amazing popularity post concert on the market.
ZIP dominates the market because it has been used for years. If you send someone a zip file what it is and how easy to handle, but most people do not recognize a 7z archive even when they see it. Despite the dominance of the post market, but it cannot be considered as effective as the 7z format.ZIP has the disadvantage that many e-mail providers allow you to read the contents of your ZIP file and will not allow it to send when it contains an executable file. While the files that were compressed with 7z do not break into emails, so you can send anything you want. This shows that using 7z archives are much safer than traditional ZIP files.7z is extremely easy to use. It provides a simple and easy-to-use interface. When you start to see a list of files with some tooltips and menus 7z.It does not contain the annoying interruptions as wizards, announcements, or welcome dialogues.

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