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Gather allies, acquire territory, conquer enemies and form an empire.

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Software description

Machiavellian power struggles, realistic battles, cunning strategy – the only limit in this world is your ambition!

This is next gen SLG gaming!
3 grand civilizations to choose from,
30 heroes pulled straight from history books to serve you,
Limitless possibilities for fun.
This isn’t the world your teachers taught you about in school. These won’t be the kind of battles you’re used to. This isn’t power you can buy. War Eternal is as close to history as you can get, and you have the power to determine the fate of this new world…
Gather allies, acquire territory, conquer enemies, then move on to conquer other kingdoms and form an empire. Distribute loot from conquest, gather advisors, grant titles, and position your armies to hold territory and crush rebellion. Whether you’re an iron-fisted ruler, or a wise king, just remember – the tighter your grip, the more kingdoms will slip through your fingers.
Key Features
A New World
You’ve been pulled out of your comfort zone and dropped into an unknown land where time seems to stand still and mysteries abound. Heroes and normal people alike from across millennia have been pulled here like you were, and now struggle to define themselves in this new and enigmatic world.
Legends Come Alive
30 colorful heroes pulled from all over the ancient world are ready to serve you. From the glorious generals and emperors of Ancient Rome, to the fearsome knights and kings of Middle Ages Europe, to the epic warrior poets of Arabia and beyond, they’ll lead your troops into battle and secure your empire – and looking good doing it.
Amass Powerful Armies
You hold all the tools for power in your hands, but will you use a hammer to swat a fly? Real -time troop movements, historically-based troop types, group battles, and much more! Careful planning, cunning strategy, and a bit of luck can take you a long way.
Just ask Hannibal and his elephants.
3 Grand Civilizations + More to Come!
Rich details and real history have been carefully woven into every layer of the game – whether its unique troop types (stretching the boundaries of the typical SLG troop types), or architectural wonders, stories and legends, historical flags and symbols – our civilizations go much, much further than just skin deep.
The Path to Empire
You’ll start your journey in a kingdom with other lords and ladies, but it doesn’t have to end there. Unite your kingdom under your banner – through careful politics, or brute force, or a bit of both – then turn your eyes outward, for there are always new lands to conquer. Face neighboring kingdoms in battle to determine whose banner will fly over them, and start building your empire.
Personalize Your Empire
No two orders will have the same banner – custom design the banner that fits you and your allies, with unique colors, layouts, and symbols to choose from. No two lords will look alike either, with our unique custom avatar design system – choose the hairstyle, face, clothing and other details that best fits you.
Global Gameplay
Meet new friends from around the world who have similar ambitions for glory in battle. Our chat system makes it easy to communicate with our unique auto-translation feature, or express yourself using our custom designed stickers – great for those days when you don’t feel like talking at all.
History is written by winners – don’t let anyone else grab the pen and write your story.
Download War Eternal now and write it yourself.

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Android 2.1+
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