Voicemail And Call Blocker

Voicemail And Call Blocker for Android

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Block incoming phone calls and voicemail messages from unwanted and annoying numbers.

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Software description

Voicemail & Call Blocker helps you to stop annoying phone calls and voicemail messages. You can easily add bothersome numbers to the blacklist and forever forget about obnoxious and irritating calls. Clear call logs from blacklisted numbers, manage blacklist, set custom settings for blacklisted number, add phone numbers from contacts, add phone numbers from call logs, enter phone numbers manually, add phone numbers from contacts, record logs of blocked numbers. Get rid of spam calls and voicemail messages from telemarketers, robots, insurance companies, local banks and other unwanted persons and organizations.

No Threats Detected
Sergii Adzhavenko
Android 2.1+
Deskify - Play Candy Crush Saga

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