Universal AC Remote Control

Universal AC Remote Control for Android

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Welcome to the air conditioner remote control.

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Software description

Welcome to the air conditioner remote control

Universal AC Remote Simulator Control free, best smart remote for your air conditioners. One of the best air conditioners never remotely, you can download this application and use your area using your smart phone, you forgot about the old classic remote control forever, transform your smart smart phone at a distance of CA.
This distance is one of distance that universal, we are listed around 100 brands of air conditioners in the world. Check the list and found that your remote control are here or not.
If so download our application and try to turn your smartphone to your remote control intelligent AC.
Amazing feature:
control up to 20 units of air conditioning indoors;
Change AC operating mode; car, cool, fan, dry, heat
change the fan speed: car, very low – very high
set room temperature
seesaw option
rocking of plasma air cleaning function (availability of the function depends on the indoor unit model)
enable / disable the air conditioner
set schedules for all your air conditioners
the unit error code display
FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) of support for the parameters remote access
using this remote control ac, you can deceive your friends that you can control the conditions of temperature and air and other features.
This application has a sound effect in an increase or a decrease in the temperature or AC. Have fun with friends and family members using this application.
Universal AC Simulator remotely is a farce and all results are fake. There is no relationship or actual result with this application. It is made for the purposes of entertainment only.
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Thank you…

No Threats Detected
Android 2.1+
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