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Troop calculator for COC for Android

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Calculate, distribute and share with your clan selected COC troops and spells

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This is the perfect app to manage troops and spells of COC. With it you can calculate the cost of elixir or dark elixir, and time of creation of your army. It also provides you some very important information about total hit points, land hit points, air hit points, movement speed, DPS, DPA of the troops of your army. You can share this report so the members of your clan would use your choice of units so you can keep improving and adapting your army for each attack.It is completely updated, including the dark spells.First of all you have to set the level of your barracks, dark barraks, the number of troops that fit in your camps and set the level of your spell factories.Then enter each troop level and the number of troops of each type. Also, you can set the level of each spell and the number of spells you want to create of each type. Automatically, the app will calculate the costs. Also, your army will be distributed in your barracks to optimize the time of creation.Finally, you can access the report and share it with your clan.* New interface user experience* New features: – Save army configuration – Share army configuration – Share report* Old Android versions supported* Updated 100% (8/13/2015)Recent changes:* The App supports old Android versions* Lava Hound* Dark Barraks level 6Content rating: Low Maturity

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Carlos Hermoso
5.26 MB
Android 2.1+
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