Super Fast Charger 5x

Super Fast Charger 5x for Android

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Super Fast Charger 5x helps charge the battery faster than normal.

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Software description

Super Fast Charger 5x helps charge the battery faster than normal!

Fast Charger Battery Master great fast charging solution that optimizes your device for the charging speed!
When you plug the charging device, Fast Charger Battery will automatically be activated, click “Start” to begin the charging process faster. Quick charger will kill all apps running in the background and consumes battery services such as wifi, 3G, mobile internet, bluetooth … so will cause faster charging. When you click on “Stop” or “Exit” all the processes and signals will be connected again.
Super Fast Charger 5x not only improve the speed of charging, but also enhance your battery life.
Feature list:
– Auto clear Ram and Optimize Battery Saver
– Automatically fast charging optimization: Ram booster, turn off wifi, turn off bluetooth, reduce screen brightness min…
– Show infomation Battery: temperature, voltage, model, battery health, battery technology, android version…
– Full battery alarm: Alert when battery is full
– Many custom interfaces: Dark theme, Light theme.
– Fast charging and quick charger 2018 for android
– Super Fast Charger 5x is FREE forever !!!
Super Fast Charging 5x is suitable for many kinds of latest phones like Galaxy Note 9, LG V30, A8 Star, Pixel 2 XL, Xperia XZ2, Xiaomi Note 5, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8 plus, Galaxy S9…
Please contact us if you encounter any difficulty! thank you!

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Android 2.1+
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