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Learn to speak English.

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Spoken English is a free smartphone app for learning to Speak English. The app contains lessons that give special attention to English pronunciation and everyday language. With over 100 lessons, 1000 Most Common Phrases, 1500 Most Common Words, Total 2500 common vocabulary and phrase items with Bangla Meanings. Each sentence, words have audio sound clips. How to help Spoken English? Many people who have had trouble learning to speak in the past believe incorrectly that they “just are not good at learning English.” In reality it is because most English class environments are not ideal for learning to speak. The problem with most English course material is that it is not strictly focused on teaching spoken language. Students who learn from these materials often end up sounding strange and like they are reading from a textbook. In addition, most students practice with each other and not with native speakers which results in mispronunciations and bad habits that leave little room for progress. How to listen/play sound clips. Click the Speaker Icon, each phrase, words Left side. Enable/Disable Online Audio Streaming. Go to Settings there you can change Audio Play settings Offline or Online.

No Threats Detected
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