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Solunar Table determines the Best Hunting and Fishing Times for any date, any location worldwide.

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Software description

Solunar Table determines the Best Hunting and Fishing Times for any date, any location worldwide.

If you like bird watching, hunting, or fishing, have this app handy and it will provide you with the location-specific information that make your next trip a success!
.Times apply to ALL wildlife and fish
.Location: Auto GPS / Manual Entry data (decimar and DMS format) / Select from map
.Major & Minor Feeding / Activity Periods
.Activity Index for the day rating
.Moon rise / Moon set / Moon Transit times
.Moon Phase info / Data
.Sunrise / Sunset / Sun Transit times
.Day / Weekly view
.Date selection for checking solunar data in advance
.Any Date / Location
.Widget: Solunar on your home screen
.Weather condition and forecast (US)
Based on the original solunar (solar lunar) theory, Solunar determines the peak feeding and activity times for all types of fish and wildlife based on the moon position and lunar phase. With Solunar app, you’ll have all the solunar table information you need to know exactly when the best fishing times and best hunting times will occur for your exact location.
When arranging your next trip, just check ahead to find out the best hunting or fishing times for the date you’re considering. It doesn’t matter what you’re after or where, this incredible app will help you maximize your chances success!
This app is the perfect planning tool for outdoor activities.
Download it to your phone/pad, no additional cost.
Add “Solunar – Fishing & Hunting TM” to your home screen:
1. Go to home screen (Press the “Home” key).
2. Choose an empty space.
3. Long press the space or press the “Menu” button and then press the “Add” button.
4. Tap the menu item labeled “Widgets”.
5. Select “Solunar – Fishing and Hunting TM”.
Solunar is on your home screen!

No Threats Detected
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Android 2.1+
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