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SmokeFree – quit smoking slowly for Android

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Help you slowly reduce the amount of cigarettes per day.

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Software description

This app gives you two options to quit – if you are highly motivated you can choose quit mode and if you need more time there is reduce mode.

SmokeFree app can be your companion in process of quitting – it can help you slowly reduce the amount of cigarettes per day, keep your cessation stress, nicotine cravings in normal and let you body adapt to less cigarettes daily, until you completely stop. This way you can accommodate with non-smoker life again. The most important thing is your desire to stop smoking.
Why should you try this method?
This app provides method that is different from just saying I won’t smoke anymore – that’s really hard. Reduction of nicotine, and stress from no-smoking are coming in small doses here. With smaller portions of nicotine turkey and need for cigarette it is easier to adapt to life without cigarette and then completely quit.
Remember: Desire to quit smoking is most important. You can do it! 🙂
Create your own quitting plan
Track your progress
Rich motivational tips with videos, images and quotes
Personal goals expressed as money saved, quit days or cigarettes skipped
Your loved ones are your motivators
Widget on home screen for easier access
Designed for smartwatches (Android Wear)
DashClock widget
Data synchronization between all your devices
Facebook integration – like, share and send
Wear application
This application is designed for Android Wear. After you set up parameters on your mobile device, you are ready to use wearable application. Tap smoke action on notification when you smoke. Search for settings on mobile device to control behavior of wearable notification. You can also open SmokeFree wearable application and tap when screen is green. Both mobile and wear applications can work when devices are not connected. Data is automatically synced when devices connect.
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No Threats Detected
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Android 2.1+
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