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One app to shop at local businesses & forever access to digital receipts

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One app, one accountRista app is a global mobile app built for the consumers to bring convenience and enhancement to their shopping experience. Rista sales platform helps you connect with the local retail businesses where you like to shop or eat. With Rista app, you can see your orders in real-time, receive receipts to your Rista account, access receipts forever and track your expenses. Soon, you will be able to place orders and make reservations or appointments with local businesses right from your Rista app.Forever access to Rista Receipts.Paper receipts fades away, email receipts clutter inbox, but Receipts generated on Rista platform last forever and accessible to you anytime, from anywhere. Go green and save treesAbout 4 million trees are cut every year in US alone for paper receipts. Rista Receipts eliminate the use of paper and help save trees and reduce the carbon footprint on planet. So next time you shop, ask for Rista Receipts and feel good about the trees you have saved. Because creating positive change doesnt always require enormous efforts, eliminating a small piece of paper can make a big impact. Keep tabs on your tabWhether you are enjoying a meal in a restaurant or shopping at a retail store, the orders you place with businesses can be viewed in real-time on your Rista app. With access to itemized details of your order, you can confirm your order before making payment, so that you know what you are paying for. For example, you get to see every round of orders as they are placed on your tab in a bar or a restaurant so that you can keep tabs on your tab.Receipts with clarity and details.Due to narrow width of the paper receipts, retailers often abbreviate names of their product or services, which most of the time makes little sense to consumers. Rista Receipts are designed for you to see full name of the products or services purchased, including itemized details of options, discounts applied and various taxes collectedMobile optimized receiptsMost digital receipts are sent via email as a document requiring software such as pdf viewer to open them, takes time to download the document and are not convenient to view on a mobile device. Rista Receipts are optimized to view on mobile devices and can be opened in a second without needing any software.Get organizedDid a dry cleaner ever denied to give your clothes because your forgot to bring your receipt? Rista Receipts can serve as your archive and keep your receipts organized so that you can access it anytime, from anywhere in the World. Well the next time a dry cleaner asks you for a receipt, just open your Rista app and show him the receipt!Never lose a receiptThe problem with the paper receipts is that they either fade away or get lost when you actually need them, for example, when returning an item or requesting a repair for a product under warranty. With Rista Receipts, you can access your receipts when you need them. So go ahead and return the products and avail service warranties with Rista Receipts.Content rating: Low Maturity

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