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Sesame locks your Mac when you walk away and unlocks it when you come back.

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Software description

Keep your screen safe from prying eyes

Sesame is the easiest way to automatically lock your screen when you move away from your Mac. Carry Sesame with you, and when you walk out of range of your computer, it will lock your screen. You don’t have to remember to put your Mac to sleep or use hot corners, Sesame takes care of it all. Sesame helps to protect your sensitive data such as patient records, financial documents, commercial e-mails or design/intellectual property documents. The key is that you no longer have to think about locking your computer when you walk away or rely on sleep timers.
Sesame in more detail…
When your password isn’t enough Those of us who are very security minded can turn on “Two-Factor Authentication”. Your Mac will only unlock when you enter your system password and have the Sesame key fob close by. Knowing your password will not be enough for someone to quickly gain access to your Mac.
Sesame lets you choose
The Sesame app gives you the control; it’s up to you to customize your locking and unlocking parameters. Choose between automatic unlock or password protect mode when you walk back in range.
Sesame knows silence is sometimes golden
Sesame can mute your computer and pause iTunes when you walk away. Walk back in range and the volume will automatically be restored.
Sesame won’t invade your personal space
Sesame lets you adjust the sensitivity for locking your screen. You can choose how near or far you are before your screen locks and unlocks.
Sesame won’t sap your energy Sesame ensures that your Mac’s power consumption is minimal by switching off your screen when you’re out of range and allows energy saver settings to kick in if you stay away for longer.
Size Matters
Only 6mm thick, Sesame fits comfortably in your pocket and with a weight of 10 grams, you will not feel it when on a lanyard.

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