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Solve sentence diagram puzzles.

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SenGram is a word-puzzle game which tests and improves your ability to take sentences apart, identify the underlying grammatical structure, and reflect that structure on a diagram. This game will be of interest to students of language (including ESL students), lovers of language and grammar, those sitting standardised tests with a grammar component (e.g. SAT, GMAT, NAPLAN) as well as those who are familiar with sentence diagrams and enjoy completing them as puzzle. The game might be especially useful to those students who are are currently studying a course in which sentence diagramming is used as a teaching tool. Your objective when playing the game will be to place each word in the ‘puzzle sentence’ in its correct place on the ‘sentence diagram’. The style of diagram adopted in this app is known as the ‘Reed Kellog’ style, and there are many websites and books devoted to it. In our view this style of diagramming offers one of the more enjoyable ways to test and improve your knowledge of grammar, especially if you have a visual mind. (This release of SenGram is hopefully only the beginning. We want to see whether people enjoy these puzzles as much as we do, and if so, we plan to add more features and puzzles by way of in-app purchases.)
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