SaveCall – Auto Call Recorder

SaveCall – Auto Call Recorder for Android

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Record incoming and outgoing calls automatically.

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Software description

The saved call service is 100% free. Smart automatic call recording application. No call content is now as easy to miss the usual automatic call recording feature. After installing an application without a separate operation it is automatically started. After the call has been completed to provide a notification message about the recordings.

Key Features: Smart phone calls automatically Record. Recording a convenient file management UI. Important recorded files to a separate library management functions. Provide a specific number automatically recording the filter function. Call Recording a notification after confirmation History. Record File Search Function. Kakao Talk, Dropbox, N drives, e-mail, servers, sharing features. Support various languages. Support various color themes. Provide settings that can record incoming and outgoing calls only. Of high-quality recording quality services (self-optimization, high-quality, low quality). Various audio formats supported (AMR, MP3, MP4, 3GP). Record file past a certain time providing automatic cleaning. Deleting all recorded files available. Multi-select feature provides a list. Memo recording files.
User Tips: 1. When you select the recording file that is considered large storage capacity, set the recording quality at a low sound quality, you can do more recording in low doses. 2. If you do not want to record for a certain number Try using the filter functions. A number added to the filter will be excluded from the record target from the next. 3. separate managing your important files recorded through the library functions. Files stored in the library are not deleted unless you delete them manually. 4. If you hate that too many recorded files are stored in recorded file is recommended for cleaning. Periodically clean up the last file saved in a certain period of time automatically call. 5. If when you want to delete multiple files at once to record the image in front of a list, click on the round multi-selection is possible. Now, please remove easily record multiple files at once.

No Threats Detected
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Android 2.1+
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