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This application simply tells you if you are currently in safe period for sex without worrying about getting pregant.One tap on the icon is all you…

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This application simply tells you if you are currently in safe period for sex without worrying about getting pregant.One tap on the icon is all you need to do to know if you are in the safe period. Great for spontaneous sex’s last second check. To enable this application to tell you that, you only need to tell it once per month when your period starts by just a few taps. Nothing could be simpler than this. That’s the amazing part of the application: Simplicity. No complicated theroy, hard to understand graph, crowded monthly calendar to mess around. All the complicated calculations and theories are behind scene and taken care of. The structure of the app is simple: Upon entrance, you will see a status panel showing your current status. This is like a main gate which can be protected with a master password. Most of the time that’s as far as you want to go, checking your status. If you want to go further from here, there are 2 buttons at the right end of the bottom tool bar, one is blood-drop shaped button for your mentrual period records and another heart-shaped button for your sex records. Both can be set to use password to protect separately. In the middle of the tool bar is a toothwheel shaped button for settings pannel where you can set your passwords. On the left end of the bottom tool bar is an open-door-with-an-arrow shapped button for logging out the application if the app is set to use master password. if you do not log out, simply press the hardware home button to quit the application, the application will be still in the logged-in state and you won’t be asked for password next time you launch the app. while in sex records or menstrual records interface, the bottom tool bar has similar buttons. Left most is the loggout button. Middle plus button is for adding a record and right 2 buttons are for going to the other 2 places in the application. When your new mentrual period starts, you need to launch the app, tap on blood-drop shaped button, then tap on plus button at the bottom tool bar of your menstrual records to add a record, and tap the save. A time stamp is automatically entered. You can also modify the timestamp by tapping on it, or tapping on the save button to save the record after you have left a note or without leaving a note. That’s all you need to do for a month. Status panel displays the probability of getting pregnant. Low means probability of getting pregnent is low etc. Green Yellow Red are the colors indicating low, medium and high respectively. Simple and easy to use is the goal in designing the application. When compared with other similar applications, this application has following advantages.1. Stable: A complete test has been performed to insure that it will not crash on you . 2. Simple: No typing is required to use this app. 3. Easy to use: One tap on the app icon to know status, 2 more is all that is required to add a record required for a month.4. Data Safe: An effort has been made that all future updates to a newer version will keep your old data, not erase. even data structure changes.5. Usefull all the time: You can continue to use the app even after you are pregnant. It will track how many days you have been for the entire pregancy period without doing any input. when your first period comes after pregnancy, you can continue use the app without having to remove old data, all data will be correctly handled.If you want more info about the app, theory behind it, please visit our website at send all problems and suggestions to our support email [email protected] for your interest in our application.
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