Rod Machado’s Instrument Pilot’s Survival Manual

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Rod Machado’s Instrument Pilot’s Survival Manual – Third Edition, 509 full color pages.

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Rod Machado’s Instrument Pilot’s Survival Manual – Third Edition, 509 full color pages. Rod Machado’s Instrument Pilot’s Survival Manual is written to answer the instrument pilot’s most important and frequently unanswered questions. Illustrated with humorous drawings and containing some of the most spectacular reports of pilots confronted by the problems of instrument flight, Rod’s manual is sure to educate and entertain you. Written in a humorous style, this book will prepare you to be a more educated and proficient pilot. Excellent for any IFR student, experienced professional pilot or as an IFR refresher. For less than the price of one hour’s worth of flight instructor’s time, you will learn the following: How To Think Like a Professional Pilot – Learn how professional instrument pilots think and how to mimic their thinking style. Understand how to better guide your behavior during instrument flight by developing useful, self-talk dialogues. Develop the big picture mentality and understand how to anticipate and plan for change while flying IFR. A Unique Three Step Method of Instrument Scanning – There is a practical method for scanning instruments (analog or PFD) that will save you time and energy while making each flight more enjoyable. this simple three step technique is easy to learn, and valuable for experienced professionals as well as beginning IFR students. A Simple Approach to Understanding Holding Pattern Entries – Holding has been the nemesis of instrument pilots ever since they began flying in the clouds. this book contains a step-by-step process for flying holds along with four sure-fire methods for entering a holding pattern. How to Avoid the Hazardous Weather of Thunderstorms and Icing – Learn the difference between convective clouds that are a threat to your airplane from those that aren’t. You’ll also learn how to use radar reflectivity values and NEXRAD radar as well as the weather radar capabilities of Center and Approach Control to make better weather decisions. New Ways of Thinking About the IFR System and Managing Cockpit Resources – Make sense of how IFR flight plans are generated and what you can do to operate in the IFR system with greater ease and comfort. Learn how to utilize the ATC system as your copilot and better manage cockpit resources. Secrets of Using NACO and Jeppesen IFR Charts – Discover charting symbols that will make a world of difference in flying IFR with comfort and confidence. Learn about IFR. obstacle departure procedures, procedure turns, approach segments, chart traps for the unwary pilot, how charting symbology can help you determine in-flight visibility at DA and MDA and much more. WAAS GPS (RNAV) Approaches – Learn how WAAS-based RNAV (GPS) approaches are constructed and how they differ from non-GPS approaches. Learn the inner workings of your GPS and how to use it to fly WAAS-GPS approaches. Understand the reasons why CDI sensitivity changes, Leg vs. OBS Mode, flight plans, waypoint auto-sequencing, LPV minimums and much more.
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