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Snapchat caption remover.

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Software description

** Snapchat Caption Remover **

** Easily clean up caption on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook photos and screenshots only by clicking clean button **
Uses advanced computer vision algorithms to automatically clean caption and countdown watermarks from Snapchat and other screenshots.
* Automatically detects and selects the caption on the photos
* Also detects countdowns if you wish
* Removes all words and emojis
* Remove Caption
* Improved algorithm to find the caption on photos.
* Sometimes app cannot find caption location for difficult photos. You can use manually adjust the remover for these photos.
* No advertising
* You can remove as many as captions you want
Summary :
This app is caption remover for snapchat, you can remove caption on screenshots for snapchat
Removing caption is a very difficult issue. Even cleaning caption by photoshop does not give a good result. We tried to optimize our algorithm for best. But some screenshots especially which’s quality is low or has a bad color distribution, does not give a good result. Please consider this before using the app.
* This app is designed to work with Snapchat screenshots, However it is not associated with or endorsed by, or otherwise affiliated with Snapchat
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No Threats Detected
Android 2.1+
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