PokeDeck for Android

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Build and save Pokemon TCG Decks where you are.

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Software description

PokeDeck allows users to create an unlimited amount of decks for Pokemon Trading Card Game. Its feature rich and allows for creation of PTCGO Decks through the export and copy to clipboard functions.

The first time opening PokeDeck requires syncing of Pokemon data and this may take some time depending on connection and device, please be patient.
– Fully featured for both Standard and Expanded.
– Includes cards all the way from base set.
– Ability to save decks and load them back up.
– Export decks to be used directly in PTCGO.
– PTCGO Deckbuilder.
Please note:
– Internet connection is required to load card data on the first run and to get image data.
– Image data is cached up to 250mb (can be cleared as usual) this caching saves internet data usage.
– Images not cached will use internet data.

No Threats Detected
Android 2.1+
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