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Tune in to the world’s largest community of podcasters and DJs with the Podomatic podcast player.

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Tune in to the world’s largest community of podcasters and DJs with the Podomatic podcast player. Discover the best in talk radio and house music mixes – or find your new favorite podcast with our categories feature. From christian to tech podcasts, club music to soundtracks, Podomatic has the whole spectrum covered – every podcast niche at your fingertips. With over 5 million podcast episodes and mixes published, The Podomatic Podcast Player makes it easy to tap into any one of those episodes quickly so that you have the best in podcast entertainment whenever, wherever. The Trending section will keep you up-to-date on what’s hot on the Podomatic network. Sort by city to find local podcasters in your area. Create playlists to group your favorite podcasts & music mixes. The best in podcasts, all for free. Key Features: Offline Mode – Take your favorite podcasts and mixes offline wherever you go. If you’re on a podcast or any list containing episodes, swipe the episode item from right to left, and tap on the download “cloud” icon to begin the syncing process. You can find the progress of your download in the swiped episode view, or in the Player view if you’ve downloaded the episode from within the Player. To access podcasts that you’ve downloaded, just go to Following, and tap on the top right folder icon. Your downloaded episodes will be listed for you in alphabetical order. Feed – A dynamic social feed that gives you updates on followed podcasts and Facebook Friends. See new episodes from podcasts you follow and what podcasts your Facebook Friends follow and like. You’ll even get notified when the podcasters you love release new content. Circular Player – Easily scrobble through an episode and enjoy instant feedback with the all new new circular player. Comment, like, share, or add an episode to a playlist. Download the episode, scrobble forward and backward, change the episode speed, add a sleep timer, or download the episode to save and listen to on your commute, or when you’re on the go. Mini Player – Play an episode, then minimize the player to keep the episode playing in the background with the all new Mini Player. You can pause and play the episode from here while you navigate through the app. Episode Swipe – swipe an episode in a list to preview, download, or get more info on an episode. Preview Player – On a list view, tap on the top right ‘Preview All’ button to initiate the 90 second Preview Player for all episodes in a list. Discover – Get real time insights into what podcasts are trending in the Podomatic social sphere. Re-discover your favorite categories and talk show topics, or find your new favorite show or series. An intuitive discovery platform along with full search capabilities make it easy to find the podcast or playlist you’re looking for. Friend Profile – See an aggregated view of podcasts your friend follows, their playlists, and episodes they’ve liked. If they have a podcast, that will show up here too. Notifications – Get notified when a podcaster publishes a new episode, or when a new Facebook Friend joins Podomatic.
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