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Plug for Minecraft PE for iOs

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Use extended commands in Minecraft PE without turning off Achievements – Get items not usually obtainable – FULLY compatible with MCPE 1.1.3.

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Software description

Use extended commands in Minecraft PE without turning off Achievements – Get items not usually obtainable – FULLY compatible with MCPE 1.1.3. A World first. Commands for Minecraft PE just like the PC version. (give etc) AND Online Multiplayer with full Grief Protection. (Prevent TNT etc), all without achievements being deactivated. Get items not obtainable in normal gameplay. Full ONLINE MULTIPLAYER (including BlueTooth) – connect in seconds, not minutes like other apps (just check our reviews). Now you can use commands like ‘give’ to get ANY item (including enchanted items) in Minecraft and lots more in your OWN Minecraft PE Game. Add ANY enchantment to ANY item. Use the. xp command to gain experience/level up. Post your server online WITH grief protection. (Prevent use of TNT etc, or even breaking or placing blocks.) – private AND public servers supported. Play with your friends over BlueTooth when a WiFi connection isn’t available. Play multiplayer online on hundreds of Pocketmine servers AND thousands of servers hosted by users just like you. Make friends, and invite them to play with you. Plug for Minecraft PE plugs into Minecraft PE to give you ‘Bukkit’ style commands in your game. Plug works in both single AND multiplayer games, so both you as the owner of the world, and players who connect are able to use the commands available. Plug for Minecraft PE also adds full ONLINE multiplayer to Minecraft PE. Now you can play with friends located anywhere in the world AND voice chat with them while you play. All commands are controlled from inside Minecraft PE chat, just like Plugins on the PC version of Minecraft. Now you can use commands like ‘give’ to give yourself items in survival mode, and even give enchanted items. For example. g diamondsword, power: 50 would give you a diamond sword with a power enchantment level of 50 – a level you couldn’t ordinarily get in Minecraft. Or try. g diamondsword: all, 255 to get ALL enchantments level 255. In this version we’ve added lots of commands you normally only see in the PC version of the game. Plug is very easy to use, all you have to do is open Minecraft PE and start a world. Once in the game use commands by typing them directly into the chat. For example to show help: h. Plug is a world first and no other App exists like it on the App Store. We are constantly developing it and hope to implement every PC plugin possible eventually. V3.00 – As of version 3.00 you now need an internet connection for commands (even if you do not want to play online). However simple bluetooth connection will work without an internet connection. Disclaimer – This is a third party App, it is not the game Minecraft or affiliated with the game or its creators in anyway.
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