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Nithra Blood Donor App – provides the availability of blood in your location or nearby localities.

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Software description

Nithra Blood Donor App – provides the availability of blood in your location or nearby localities. This free android blood donate app can help you to save the lives of many people at times, especially during emergency hours.

You can find nearby blood donors and contact the donors thorough their details provided. The Life Saver app offers you a simple and easy registration process at your fingertips.
This online blood donation app helps you to provide the blood to patients at emergency times. Here we provide the data of all donors who are registered in our app, and the people who needs the blood can make request to particular donor by accessing the data of that donor.
In this Blood Donor Contacts, Blood donor details such as Name, Phone, DOB, Address, Blood Group etc., and list only donors details donated blood 3 months before. When there is a need of blood, this app shows the list of blood donors.
In this blood donors Tamilnadu app, information supported blood groups are
A positive blood group (A+ blood)
A negative blood group (A- blood)
O negative blood group (O- blood)
O positive blood group (O+ blood)
AB positive blood group (AB+ blood)
AB negative blood group (AB- blood)
B positive blood group (O+ blood)
B negative blood group (B- blood)
Features of Blood Donor Finder:
Threre are four categories in this app are:-
1. To search the required Blood Group:
You can check the availability of the blood group that you want in your locality or nearest areas or from Tamilnadu and Puducherry.
Also, you can share Blood Group and Mobile Number of the Donor to your friends, family or relatives via Socila Media in case of emergency in this Donate the blood & save the life app.
Not only that you can also directly contact the donor via the Mobile number registered in our Mobile.
2. To view the details of Acceptor(who needs blood):
In this category, registered details of the Acceptor(who needs blood) are listed out as per blood group so that one can get to know details like in which area one can get the blood group that he needs.
3. To register wanted blood group
One who is in need of any blood group, need to register in this category and can find donors easily on time.
For that, one need to register the details like Name, Mobile Number, Email Address(optional), Hospital Name (optional), Blood Group, Time required for blood, Units of Blood and City are registered in this Lifesaver Blood Donor app.
4. To donate blood:
On who wants to donates blood need to register the following details in this category: Name, Mobile Number, Email Address(optional), Weight, Blood Group, Birth Date, places where one can able to come and donate blood and last blood donated time.
You can Blood Donor Finder app at free of cost.
You can access our Donor App in offline mode.
Share this Blood Drop Blood Donation app with your beloved ones and let them known.
This Blood Emergency in tamil app has friendly user interface.

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