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MythTV Player for Android

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Access your MythTV content at home or on the go with MythTV Player

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Software description

MythTV Player allows you to browse and play your recordings and videos on your MythTV Backend.If you plan to use this application, you are required to have a fully functioning MythTV Backend version v0.27+. If you are interested in learning more about MythTV, check their web site at Player will natively play HTTP Live Streams transcoded by the MythTV Backend. However, you have the option to launch a recording or video with an external player. We recommend VLC for Android.The MythTV Services API does not provide a method to watch LiveTV, therefore, this app can’t.Open issues are here: changes:Skip recorded programs where key fields are null or emptyBug FixesContent rating: Everyone

No Threats Detected
Daniel Frey
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Android 2.1+
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