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Movie Pal, the app that helps you find which movies to watch with your friends.

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Software description

Movie Pal, the app to find which movies to watch. Deciding which movie to watch takes more time than watching the actual movie? Having that one friend who has seen almost all movies in the entire solar system? With Movie Pal, the process of finding which movie to watch with your friends has never been easier: 1. Create a “movie group”2. Invite your friends3. Search for movies that nobody in the group has watched. As simple as that. Also: Add movies to your watchlist. Mark movies as “seen” to exclude them from your search resultsThis product uses the TMDb API but is not endorsed or certified by TMDb. Food graphic (logo) by Freepik[1] from Flaticon[2] is licensed under CC BY 3.0[3]. Made with Logo Maker[4][1][2][3][4]

No Threats Detected
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