Mini Golf: Military

Mini Golf: Military for Android

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Do you have what it takes to beat the mini golf military assault course?

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Software description

Welcome to the military world of mini golf. Can you pot all the balls within par and escape a telling off from the sargent. This awesome sports game has a unique setting. A cartoon military base, set in the desert. If you love, military, tanks and just the army in general. its the perfect setting for you to have a game of mini putt.You aim is to hit the ball. Avoiding or using obstacles to your advantage. With jump pads, ramps, holes in the ground along with many other features. youre really in for some sporting fun. Can you hit the golf ball all the way to the end of all levels and become the best player in military history? Only time will tell.Features:Stunning graphics. Fully optimised to work perfectly on mobile devices and tablets.Completely FREE. All features unlocked and ready to go. No charges for anyway, download and play every feature completely free.A huge variety of interactive objects in the levels, from jump to allow you to skip part of the level if used correctly, to moving floors and spinning traps.We salute you mini golfer! Keep updated by our new Game releases and follow us on Social Networks: rating: Low Maturity

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Android 2.1+
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