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see the free HDTV on your mobile device.

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Software description

Watch live digital TV anywhere, inside or outdoors!

MagicTV is a Digital ATSC TV tuner for all iOS & Android smart devices that can be used anywhere a Wi-Fi connection is available (so you can finally watch live TV for free outside of the house!). When connected, the MagicTV tuner streams live TV channels to your device, so you can watch your favorite programs in real time as they air – without using data, and no matter where in the United States you are.*
MagicTV App Instructions:
Step 1: Turn on the MagicTV and wait for about 25 seconds until the light turns solid blue.
Step 2: Go to the Wi-Fi settings on your smart device and connect to TzumiTV.
Step 3: Once connected, go back to the MagicTV App and press Connect.
Step 4: Press Scan to scan for available channels in your location.
Step 5: Choose a channel you want to watch, sit back and enjoy!
*Please Note:
The MagicTV works best when used outdoors or close to windows. If your reception is weak or choppy when inside, move the MagicTV closer to a window for enhanced clarity. In areas with poor reception, use the external antenna to boost your signal strength. Make sure the switch at the bottom of the MagicTV is switched to the External Antenna setting. The MagicTV is perfect for backyards, parks, camping trips, and travel – but signal strength and channel availability can vary based on location, elevation, and many other factors that are beyond our control.

No Threats Detected
Tzumi Electronics
Android 2.1+
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