Lucky 13: 13 Card Poker Puzzle

Lucky 13: 13 Card Poker Puzzle for Android

Free English Version: 1.1.2

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No. 1 fast paced 13 Cards Poker.

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Software description

A casino game most frequently played by Asians – 13 Cards Poker / Chinese Poker!

Lucky13 Highlights
Mission! Various Mission for every single matches, complete the Mission and win MORE Chips!
Double Down! Raise your bet for free with Double Down and earn DOUBLE! Do you dare to take the risk?
Raise! Innovative 1 VS 1 PK game mechanism! Go all out and challenge them!
Change Cards! Change your fate and outsmart your opponents by swapping cards with them.
Sudden Death! Win with Lucky13! Instant bankrupt your opponents with x3,480 Multipliers
King of Lucky13! Win our King of Lucky13 tournament and be the King of Lucky13!
Be Part of Lucky13 !
Join our official Facebook group at:
¦ Share your feedback ;
¦Take part in exclusive events and get abundant rewards ;
¦Get the latest news and updates ;
¦ Hang out and zinga with other Lucksters in Lucky13!

No Threats Detected
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Android 2.1+
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