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Keno Keno 4X BONUS MULTIPLIER – Last Ball HIT, gets 4 times the payout.

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Keno Keno 4X BONUS MULTIPLIER – Last Ball HIT, gets 4 times the payout. FOUR X MULTIPLIER. Las Vegas STYLE. as FEATURED at TRY OUR OTHER GAMES: o FARKLE ADDICT – the classic dice game. FREE – WORLD WIDE MULTIPLAYER its SO FUN. o YATZY ADDICT – the classic dice game. FREE – WORLD WIDE MULTIPLAYER is READY. o VIDEO POKER + PERFECT PLAY TRAINER – the VERY BEST in the App Store. o KENO 4 MULTI CARD – 4 card keno – Las Vegas AUTHENTIC. o KENO 20 MULTI CARD – 20 card keno – Las Vegas AUTHENTIC. o BINGO CLAssIC – the classic game of Bingo, with multi cards, TV Out, the works. KENO LOVERS rejoice. You asked for it, you got it. 4X Payouts on Last Ball Hit. If you have Apple TV, you can blast the video on your BIG SCREEN TV. and crank up the sound. The wife hates it when i play KENO on the big screen, REAL LOUD. haha. especially when i hit the big one, and run around dancing. (oh, and i dance GOOD.). Retina iPad Support. Super duper awesome on any iPad. especially the NEW iPAD. Bribe your wife or husband to bring you drinks on the hour, and you are in. KENO HEAVEN. just tip them good and let the good times roll. As usual, we have ALL the bells and whistles. Authentic Las Vegas Style Keno. Looks and feels just like the real thing. MAX BET – Hold down the BET button for 2 seconds to MAX BET. bet from 1 to 10 on each card. Quick Pick – quickly pick your cave man. Variable Game Speed – Super Slow to Blazing Fast. Saves your picks between games. Saves your credits between games. UNIVERSAL APP – Optimized for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. HD Retina Graphics to Double Down. Optimized Graphics for Retina iPad and HD Retina. Awesome casino background ambient sounds. Volume Control – change sound effect and ambient volumes. Advanced AUTO PLAY Features. HOT / COLD – display numbers that are HOT and COLD. Background iPod music support. Advanced Auto Play. Set the auto play to play from 1 to UNLIMITED games.automatically. Do you want to do a quick pick each time, Go for it. Its in there. HOT COLD. Ever wondered what numbers are HOT (more frequent) or COLD (less frequent). Well, now you know. Most professional Keno Players RECORD the numbers called on a piece of paper to determine what is hot and cold. Very tedious, and not very fun. Now we record them for you. Universal App – iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, same app. buy only once. visit for lots of info and Notifications of our NEW FREE APPS. DOWNLOAD IT NOW. TELL YOUR FRIENDS. Send an email to [email protected] and WE WILL NOTIFY you of our next SPECIAL promotion. If you have any suggestions, comments, concerns, PLEASE FEEL FREE to CONTACT US. WE WOULD LOVE TO TALK WITH YOU. just say HI. I reply to EVERY email, and reply EXTREMELY quickly. I strive for “KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF” support. [email protected] DAILY FREE IPHONE and IPAD Apps at Only the good ones. For amusement purposes ONLY.
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