Dazzle your students with kahoot. – a game-based classroom response system.

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Kahoot. is a game-based learning platform that leaves your students begging for more. With a refreshingly new take on introducing a subject, formative assessment and deep discussion Kahoot. initiates conversation, leaving students on the edge of their seats. Kahoot. ensures 100% engagement by turning the classroom into a gameshow, combining multiplayer game-based learning, ease-of-use and mobile technology, creating an enchanting social experience which leaves everyone totally gripped and absorbed in the subject. Kahoot. provides deep learning through creation of educational games, and new understanding through playing them. This is the student controller app for Android devices to join a game; sign up at getkahoot.com to create, discover, launch and play games- Works on any device with a web browser. Students join a game at kahoot. it if using a non-Android device- Save time on grading. Access game data for all students, understanding what they answer for each question and how fast; allowing you to adapt their learning accordingly- Our game-based pedagogy takes students on a journey from “Learner to Leaders” as they create their own games for classmates to play- Choose from hundreds of thousands of pre-existing games made by the Kahoot.community”I have NEVER had a response to an educational tool like I’ve had to Kahoot. “Sandra Budd, Teacher at Institute of Notre Dame, BaltimoreKnown issues: Pressing the back button on your device exits the game. Ensure your students don’t press this mid-game unless they want to restart the app. If you have any questions, browse our FAQs: https://getkahoot.com/support/faq/.
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