Ipon : The Money Challenge

Ipon : The Money Challenge for Android

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Ready, Set and Save.

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Software description

We all know saving is important, but it can be hard to remember to save when your latest paycheck rolls in. If you are trying to develop a saving habit, starting a money saving challenge can be a great introduction.

Determine what truly inspires you to save, and use it to overcome temptation or apathy. Try adopting a savings challenge, it may motivate you to push your savings even further.
How to use :
Step 1 : Select Currency
Step 2 : Set your Ipon Goal
Step 3 : Shade.
Currency :
– Philippines : Peso
– United Arab Emirates : UAE Dirham
– Taiwan : Taiwan Dollar
– Saudi Arabia : Saudi Arabia Riyal
– Hong Kong : Hong Kong Dollar
– United Kingdom Pound
– Singapore Dollar

No Threats Detected
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Android 2.1+
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