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Get pre-flop predictions and calculate Poker odds and outs.

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Software description

Holdem Wizard is a Poker application that radically improves your game tactics. Even professional players rely on this strategic program. The aim of this practical program is to calculate the odds and probability of winning using complex algorithms.

Poker Odds Calculator: Holdem Wizard automatically counts players’ chances (OUTS and ODDS) and also the chances of the opponents. This information is updated during all stages of the game. The results take into account the number of opponents and they are both numerically and graphically displayed.
Community Cards Predictor: Holdem Wizard predicts the percentage probability of the cards (community cards prediction) which will be shown on the table. For the prediction Wizard uses a unique database which is automatically updated. Holdem Wizard 2 is an in-game, real-time poker odds calculator that helps you with the mathematics behind poker. The software also predicts what cards will be present on the board based off previous hands you can upload from the site and your own hand histories.

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Poker Wizard
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